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By: / California Courts of Appeal , Legal News
The Baseball Rule: Century Old Rule Modernized

For decades the “Baseball Rule” prevented spectators from suing if they got hit by a foul ball. California Courts now allow these lawsuits to move forward.

By: / Estate Planning , Probate
Intestate Succession: The Do Nothing Plan

For those choosing not to do any estate planning, the government has its own plan for your property called “intestate succession”

By: / California Supreme Court , Legal News
Minimum Wage Laws Require Employers to Pay for Security Screening

California Supreme Court says that Apple, Inc. must pay employees minimum wage for time they spend waiting during security screening

By: / Legal News , Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Ninth Circuit: Students Do Not Have Privacy Rights Protecting Their Naked Bodies

Privacy rights no longer include the right to shield one’s naked body from the view of strangers of the opposite sex

By: / Community News/Events , Legal News , Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals
Wine Country Will Soon Be a Place of Prayer

After nearly ten years, one church’s battle with the County of Riverside to expand its ministry may have taken a huge step forward thanks to the Ninth Circuit