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By: / Estate Planning , Trusts
What is a Trust?

Most estate planners recommend that you get a living trust but do a poor job of explaining exactly what a trust is. Not many people know that a Trust . . .

By: / California Courts of Appeal , Estate Planning , Legal News , Trusts
California Court Rewrites Estate Plan After Drafting Error

Proper drafting of an estate plan is essential and saves you thousands of dollars. California courts can rewrite your estate plan if there is an error.

By: / Estate Planning , Probate
How to Probate a Will in 11 Detailed Steps

Ever wondered how to probate a will in California? This step-by-step resource will show you what documents you need, and how to do it.

By: / Legal News , Regnum Christi , United States Supreme Court
What is the Catholic Church? SCOTUS Punts!

What is the Catholic Church? The US Supreme Court decides to punt on the serious first amendment issues on the Church’s legal personality.

By: / California Courts of Appeal , Legal News
Social Media Trolls Beware!

California court of appeals makes it easier to sue out-of-state social media trolls in California courts.